What happens to your donated item?

At Bright Sparks we

  • Promote re-use
  • Remove the stigma around re-use within sections of the community
  • Create volunteering and training opportunities for local people
  • Create rewarding and fulfilling job opportunities
  • Help individuals and families make their house a home

We achieve all this through the items we collect and items donated to us.

All donated items go through the same process

  • Sortation
  • Processing
  • Redistribution


The majority of products entering into the Bright Sparks system will be donated by the current owner who have decided they no longer want them. The existence of Bright Sparks discourages disposal through the refuse bin and encourages reuse and recycling.

We broadly sort for reuse using the following criteria:

  • Condition, quality, value and end market demand
  • Easily (and economically) repairable products
  • Neither of the above, damaged, poor quality, no demand, uneconomic to repair


Any product passing 1 and 2 above will be moved on and processed ready for redistribution

Products not fit for re-use based on the criteria are sent on for recycling.


Once the items have be processed, we move them onto our stores for resale. Some items are kept back to be donated to individuals and families in need through our referral process or our giveaway weekends.

Throughout this process we engage the services of our volunteers and paid staff.  Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and the Bright Sparks environment helps them give back, others come to Bright Sparks to engage with the wider community and reduce their social isolation.

We are very proud to say that over 50% of our paid staff were previous volunteers at the project.